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Installed discharge: 450 m3/s, power output: 114 MW, nominal power of generators: 2 x 74 MVA

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Preparatory works for construction of the Zlatoličje Hydro Power Plant, the biggest hydro power plant in Slovenia go back to the sixties of the last century. An extensive alternatives’ study work preceded the design documents elaboration which has ended with a prevailing idea of a completely changed approach as regards all the up-to-then constructed hydro power plants on the Drava River in Slovenia and Austria, which were built in the river bed. An overall design of a diversion canal plant with a 17,2 km long headrace and a 6.2 km long tail race channel with a discharge of 450 m3/s was prepared. It enabled a highly increased installed power in comparison with all the hydro power plants constructed up to then on the Drava River.

In this region, the Zlatoličje HPP represented the biggest construction project after construction of the Southern railway line. At that time already, the Design Engineer showed his enormous feeling for siting such a large structure into the environment by providing the HPP not to stand out in a striking way.

By the aggregates outages the channel is protected against overspill by a discgarge release valve in form of a line-developed turbine distributor operating synchronously with the distributor mechanism of the turbine which represented at the time an original, patented technical solution.

The project represents a standing-out scheme in all aspects and symbolizes a sort of milestone among the hydro power plants projects. It has remained the biggest hydro power plant project in Slovenia till nowadays.

At this facility construction IBE has taken the role of Design Engineer and elaborated complete design documentation.

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