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Trbovlje, Slovenia

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125 MW steam unit and two gas units of 63 MW joint power

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Description of Facility and Services

The Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant can definitely pride oneself upon a long lasting tradition of electricity generation for the first kilowatt hours of electrical energy were produced in the far 1906 of the last century. After the first power plant had been constructed on the Sava river bank (1915), its size has been constantly extending. Sixty years after its origin, more precisely in the years from 1964 to1968, the Trbovlje 2 TPP was constructed, and one of the most important roles in this highly demanding task was taken by IBE. Design documents prepared for TET certainly belong among the most important design documents developed by IBE.

For the professional sphere, design documents which turn to be realized in practice present a true challenge. As regards design for the Trbovlje TPP, this goal has been achieved so in design engineering as in construction, later improvement of environmental conditions and technological revitalization of the 125 MW TET2 unit. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the TET3 unit which did not get final approval even after more than 40 years of planning and in spite of several decisions taken by the experts as well as by the politicians stimulating its “revival”. In that period, as a leading Consulting and Design Engineer, IBE prepared a number of different solutions of the TET3 block siting and technology considering its coal and gas fired units of 125 to 400 MW power.

Design solutions which are not usual and gain worldwide reputation for being something special most certainly represent a special challenge. The power plant design itself as well as its siting in a valley with disposal sites located on the Bukova gora represents a rarely seen detail. The TET2 platform design with a supporting wall running along the Sava River bank and with its pilot type of foundations bearing the main generation facility was a specialty designed in order to meet the location demands. In the middle of the 70’s, a 360 m high stack was constructed within the scope of improvement of the environmental conditions in the valley, and at that time it was one of the highest stacks in the world. In the 80’s, a technological reconstruction of the unit was performed. It was exceptional by the tempo at which the complete OP-380 boiler reconstruction was accomplished and presented also on the international meeting of the energy industry in 1990 in Washington. The reconstructed and with a by-pass enlarged second draught and a membrane type of the first one enabled increase of the block permanent power and efficiency, and reduced abrasion of a steam super-heater and a water heater. The additionally constructed flue gas desulphurization plant which was basically designed with specific solutions respecting extremely limited space features its own uniqueness as well.

Today, the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant includes two units. The first production unit (125 MW steam unit) generates the electrical energy from brown coal of the Zasavje Coal Mines. The second production unit, constructed as a combined gas-steam unit, includes two gas units of 63 MW joint power using gas oil for the electrical energy production and representing a reserve in the electric power system of Slovenia.

In the Trbovlje TPP design engineering process IBE performed all kinds of activities covering the overall design engineering and consulting expertise, from the most early planning of the facility siting with due respect of comprehensive environmental demands, provision of technological solutions for all systems of the plant and apprehension of technical and economic aspects, to maintaining of the dialogues with competent professional and State institutions which, taking into account all relevant indicators, provide basis for decisions upon professional and social acceptability of the structure. After confirmation of the structures, IBE performed relevant design documents and together with its professional support, took a key part in realization of the investment.

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