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Energy covers a market segment with the longest tradition and even to date it represents the core of IBE’s activities. We have been taking up the challenge to master these kinds of projects from the establishment of the company in 1949 and from then on we have been very successful in dominating the power engineering scheme and contributing a huge share of vital electric power structures for our country, i.e.:

  • Hydro power plants on the Drava, Sava and Soča rivers,
  • HV grids of all levels up to 400 kV, including relevant substations,
  • Thermal power plants like TPP Šoštanj, TPP Trbovlje, TE-TOL, TPP Brestanica, numerous industrial TPPs and boiler houses,
  • NPP Krško,
  • Monitoring and control of the Slovenian electric power system.

In the last few years, IBE has actively co-operated in the programme of refurbishment and uprating of the existing hydro power plants in Slovenia and in the programme of construction of a new hydro power plants on the Sava river.

In the power engineering sphere two generations of experts have enhanced their career paths with IBE, and there is already a younger generation on the horizon. The sheer size of such projects made it necessary to increase the use of not only standard software packages but also of the IBE’s in-house software solutions which enabled more detailed work and effective performing of project tasks. This is another indicator of our experts’ willingness and talent to match new working conditions and to keep pace with technology driven solutions.

In the power engineering field, IBE renders services to the following sub-fields:

Hydro Power

  • Hydro power plants and dams,
  • Penstocks and other hydro-technical structures,

Thermal Power

  • Thermal power plants,
  • Gas power plants and gas-steam power plants,
  • District heating systems,
  • Combined cycles,
  • Cooling towers,

Nuclear Power

  • Nuclear power plants,
  • Radwaste disposal facilities,
  • Radwaste treatment and conditioning,

Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

  • OH transmission lines,
  • Distribution networks,
  • Transmission and distribution structures (MV and HV switchyards and substations),

Control Management Systems

  • Management of complex and simple processes,
  • Control and supervision centres,
  • Visualisation and monitoring of control equipment,
  • Maintenance and diagnostics,

Communication Systems

  • Optical infrastructure,information systems,
  • Communication infrastructure of OH lines,information systems,
  • Radio communication and information systems,information systems,
  • Classical tele-information systems,

Gas and Liquid Fuel Systems

  • Networks, transport and storage,

Systems of Alternative Energy Sources

  • Bio-gas systems,
  • Geo-thermal systems,
  • Waste incineration and extraction of secondary raw materials.

IBE d.d., Hajdrihova ulica 4, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 1 4776 100

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