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IBE experts have been presented with a new challenge in the field of industrial power engineering.


For our client, NATRON HAYAT LijeŇ°nica b.b. Maglaj, BiH, IBE d.d. is going to prepare technical solutions and design extensive project documentation for implementation of DEMI water heating in boilers UKO-4 and LUKO-4 with waste heat, coming from the systems which cool down the compressed air production compressors.

Technical solution, designed by IBE d.d., will be based on the exploitation of waste heat coming from the screw compressors' cooling system. Waste heat will be taken away with a special heated water circuit which will heat the secondary heated water circuit through the plate heat exchangers used for cooling the lubricating oil of the compressor. This secondary heated water will then be delivered through circulation pumps to the location of power supply reservoir for steam boilers which is 120 m away. This is where the water's heat energy will be transferred through a plate heat exchanger into demineralized water which is used for water level complementing in UKO-4 and LUKO-4 boilers.

The main purpose of this project is based on the criterion of economy. According to the calculations made, the system contributes to the energy efficiency in NATRON HAYAT's energy system, as well as to the reduction of emissions due to the increase in the efficiency of the entire power system line up. The investment in the construction of the described system in the amount of 250.000 EUR will be reimbursed in less than three years of operation by means of savings due to the reduction on the consumption of primary fuel, which is coal. 

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