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IBE celebrates its 70th anniversary


Company IBE d.d. is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. To mark this special occasion an event for our business partners was organized in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana on Wednesday, 15th of May 2019. Ten days later IBE ‘s pensioners and employees gathered and celebrated this mile stone at a picnic at Lake Zbilje.

The tradition of design and engineering activities dates to the beginning of the 20th century when electrification of Slovenia started. After the end of Second World War, two groups were organized in Slovenia, one in Ljubljana and the other in Maribor, which were designing hydro power plants. In doing so, they successfully used the acquired knowledge and documentation from the period between two wars when Dravograd and Mariborski otok hydro power plants were built.   

In March 1949, the government of the Federal people's republic of Yugoslavia merged these two groups and established the company Hidroelektroprojekt with 31 employees at the time. In the following years Hidroelektroprojekt became an independent design engineering company, which was joined by a group specialized in substations and overhead transmission lines and a group of co-workers from Šoštanj thermal power plant.  

The new company took part in the design of hydro power plants on the rivers Drava, Sava and in Monte Negro.

The company's activity gradually extended to other spheres of power engineering, such as thermal power and heating plants, high-voltage power grids with substations which led to the renaming of the company into Elektroprojekt.

In the 1960s, the company entered the markets of industry and infrastructure and changed its name to Inženirski biro Elektroprojekt where the present name of IBE came from.

After 1968, IBE participated in design and engineering of most demanding facilities such as HPPs, TPPs, industrial facilities and power transmission systems. It was included in the construction of Nuclear power plant Krško, the installation of 220 kV power connections and 400 kV OH transmission lines. It also had a key role in the construction and development of Slovenia's gas pipeline grid. The number of employees rose to 370, from which 60 worked in the department of engineering on construction organization and supervision. 

In the second half of the 1980s the volume of power facilities construction projects in Slovenia considerably decreased and IBE started to extend its services to foreign markets such as Middle East, South America, Canada and Russia.

In 1995, after Slovenia's independence, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company named IBE d.d. consulting, design and engineering. It continued its work for clients in the field of energy, infrastructure and industry. It cooperated in railway network reconstruction and in the national road program. It has established itself internationally and became a member of renowned international expert organizations and professional associations.

The quality of services, multidisciplinary activity and participation in complex projects remain the company's trademark. IBE was the first Slovene engineering company to have received the ISO 9001 certificate.  

Renewable energy projects are one of IBE's foundations since the beginning. The company participates in the renovation and upgrade of Slovene hydro power plants on rivers Sava, Drava and Soča. It is also active in the Construction of the chain of hydro power plants on Lower Sava river with corresponding infrastructural arrangements, which is the biggest low-carbon power generation project in Slovenia since its independence.

Abroad we participate in hydro projects in Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazahstan.

Our work in thermal power generation includes planning construction of new facilities with gas fuel and projects related to country's supply of petroleum products.

In the nuclear sphere, the company is involved in nuclear safety enhancement projects based on the experience of the Fukushima accident, in the radioactive waste disposal project and in facilitating extended operation of Krško Nuclear Power Plant.

As far as electrical power transmission and distribution networks, including control systems, are concerned, we participate in implementing new power transmission technologies and trends, which upgrade electrical power networks into smart grids.

The company designs in pharmaceutical, chemical and car industry, logistics and transport, including power plant facilities in all branches of industry. 

We have also left our mark in the railway and road transport infrastructure where we have established ourselves mostly in the designing mechanical and electrical systems in tunnels and the crossings of power lines with transport infrastructure.

One of our more important market segments is also the high-pressure gas pipe line network with compressor stations and low-pressure gas distribution networks.  

Daring ideas and progressive solutions of the architects and engineers are also realized I the design of business and public service buildings.

The company makes every effort to find environmentally friendly project solutions and cooperates in all planning phases for treatment plants, waste treatment plants and flue gas cleaning systems.

Business relationships that the company builds with its clients are based on partnership cooperation and monitoring of their investment development over a longer period of time.

In designing complex investment interventions, we also include other Slovenian and foreign design engineering organizations and professional institutions in our work. This guarantees the integrity of each project design.

To follow our integrity goal, IBE's employees are required to maintain a wide range of knowledge, since they participate in all phases of the investment process: research, spatial planning, the making of investment and design documentation, supervision and engineering. In the last 70 years almost 1300 have created over 43.000 design folders, all saved in the company's archives. Annually printers in IBE print over 90 kilometers of designs and made 1.700.000 copies of texts.

Statement of Mr. Uroš Mikoš, general manager of IBE d.d.:

For the past 70 years, we have been writing a common history of participation in the design and construction of numerous complex projects which have altered the image of Slovenia and other regions.

Without you, dear business partners, without a high level of trust, professional and personal as well, and without long-term business relationships, this would not be possible.

I am confident that together we can continue to plan projects which bring you advantages and through their realization create challenges for a better future. 

IBE d.d., Hajdrihova ulica 4, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 1 4776 100
Fax: +386 1 2510 527

Certified ISO 9001 BY BUREAU VERITAS Certification

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