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Investor FRAPAK BEHEER B.V., international plastic packaging specialist, has built a new production and storage facility in Komenda, which will be used for the production and storage of plastic packaging.

The facility, in the total net area of approx. 7,500 m2, is located at the Komenda Business Zone and contains four functionally connected but structurally independent parts:

  • high- shelf warehouse of approximately 24 m in height, intended for storage of finished products
  • production hall with the airtightness of the circumferential elements which ensures the maintenance of overpressure
  • auxiliary technical premises intended for the installation of mechanical, electrical and individual technological devices for the needs of facility and production functioning
  • general and service production premises intended for accompanying production activities (offices, changing rooms, toilets)

IBE prepared the entire project documentation in BIM technology, which enabled the implementation of complex design solutions and optimizations, which require effective coordination throughout the entire process of design and construction of the facility. For the needs of cooling the technology and the facility, depth submersible pumps are implemented in four wells, which pump groundwater via plate heat exchangers back into the sinking well. There is a cooling energy consumption on the secondary side which is stored in a storage tank connected via a distribution system with different temperature regimes loops installed, depending on the needs. The condenser system of cooling aggregates and the evaporator of the heat pump, which is in use during the heating period, are also connected to the secondary system of accumulated cold water. Heating of the building is enabled through sequential connection of the heat pump and gas condensing boilers. In this energy concept of the building, the heat pump is a device for returning waste heat, as the heat of technological machines represents an energy source.

We were more than pleased to contribute our expertise in all project documentation design phases as well as our professional advice throughout entire investment process.

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