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Consulting and Designing, ENERGY

Energy covers a market segment with the longest tradition and even to date it represents the core of IBE’s activities. We have been taking up the challenge to master these kinds of projects from the establishment of the company in 1949 and from then on we have been very successful in dominating the power engineering scheme and contributing a huge share of vital electric power structures for our country, i.e.:


  • Hydro power plants on the Drava, Sava and Soča rivers,
  • HV grids of all levels up to 400 kV, including relevant substations,
  • Thermal power plants like TPP Šoštanj, TPP Trbovlje, TE-TOL, TPP Brestanica, numerous industrial TPPs and boiler houses,
  • NPP Krško,
  • Monitoring and control of the Slovenian electric power system.

Consulting and Designing, INDUSTRY

​Industry covers an important part of the IBE’s activities. The very beginnings go back to the 1960’ when a comprehensive know-how and experience gained by the IBE’s experts on complex project schemes in the power engineering sphere facilitated a quick shift to the emerging industry. The initial involvement was directed into the industrial power sector, however, new business opportunities in the spheres of wood processing and chemical industries and later on in the spheres of food processing and pharmaceutical industries occurred very soon. In the last period we have been successful also in the areas of car and rubber industry.

The design engineering services of IBE experts encompass civil construction and architectural solutions, mechanical and electrical installations, supervisory and fire protection systems, technical security and the development of designs covering technologies.

As in other market segments, the same holds good for industry as well, that IBE’s experts have had the opportunity to develop and broaden their technical capabilities through the latest technology worldwide, thus permitting IBE to offer clients at home and abroad, cost-effective and high quality solutions.


As a company with invaluable experience gained on technologically extremely demanding structures, IBE has already paved its way in the spheres of design, technical consultancy, engineering and expert supervision of complex structures built in the public as well as in the private sectors.

Ministries, municipalities, local communities and other investors are our permanent clients in planning:


  • business trade centres,
  • border crossing points,
  • hospitals and health centres,
  • schools,
  • libraries.

Consulting and Designing, INFRASTRUCTURE

​The general extension of our activities now includes involvement in the sphere of infrastructure. Our experts were involved not only in the design engineering field but also, more recently, beside the design work to the contracting engineering services, there have been added turn-key solutions, which has made our proposals even more complete.

The company joined the highway programme of the Republic of Slovenia (tunnel installations, toll stations, crossings with power transmission lines) while for the Slovenian Railways we have designed and constructed traction substations. IBE’s experts have been engaged also in the development of studies covering hot water district heating as well as gas pipeline grids. Gas pipeline systems represent an important share of IBE’s involvement in the sphere of infrastructure.

Documentation Revision

A high level of our experts’ expertise and experiences in different professional areas represents a prerequisite for implementation of design and other documentation audits. Most often, optimal design solutions of a certain structure are agreed just during auditing.

The auditing scope can be limited by relevant legislation regulating building of structures, or it can be pretty vast following the demands and requirements of the Client. The design documentation audits are being performed in accordance with the Construction Act and within full proficiency of our own experts licensed by a certified auditor. We are proud to say that in the past years we have obtained several references in different market segments.

Turn-key Projects

​In IBE, the scope of services has been constantly enhanced by additional activities in view of offering comprehensive solutions with the highest added values. Hence, besides design engineering and consulting engineering, the so-called contractual engineering has been put forward in order to upgrade basic services of the company.

The contractual engineering which is being implemented on a turn-key basis represents an important market segment of IBE especially in the areas of technology we have mastered to the best. Specific systems belonging to these areas can be found in:


  • Railway and energy infrastructure,
  • Industry,
  • Public buildings,
  • Hydropower and thermal power plants,
  • Electricity transmission and distribution structures on MV and HV levels.

Consulting Engineering and Construction Supervision

A quality performance of supervision over construction represents one of the key factors of a quality construction itself and in some way of the overall project success. In numerous cases, upgrading of the supervision over construction with some other consulting engineering services performed on the Client’s side proved to be very efficient. Such services are:


  • Overview and harmonization of tender documents and organization of invitation of tenders, including evaluation of bids,
  • Timely and substantive coordination between different contractors of works,
  • Cooperation with design engineer, contractor and other parties in the process, conduct of meetings,
  • Qualitative and financial monitoring of the investment,
  • Assistance to the Client in administrative and other procedures,
  • Cooperation in remedial actions in defects liability period.

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Telephone: +386 1 4776 100

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