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Boštanj HPP



Size or capacity

Nominal power output: 32.5 MW, installed capacity: 3 x 14.67 MW/ 3 x 14.5 MVA, installed discharge: 3 x 166.7 m3/s, gross head at installed discharge: 7.47 m, active storage capacity: 1.167,000 m3, dam height: 27 m, average annual energy production: 115 GWh

Investor / Client


Time period


Description of Facility and Services

Boštanj HPP is the second hydro power plant in the chain of six HPPs on the lower Sava River with the maximum power output of 36 MW (32 MW after construction of the Blanca HPP). It has five spillways equipped with radial gates with a flap and three turbine generator Units. Horizontal double regulated bulb type Units with Kaplan turbine runners have been installed (Prat = 10.84 MW, n=107.14 rpm, Hrat = 7.24 m). Connection to the electric power system is provided by a grid transformer (Pn=40 MVA, 117 kV/16.3 kV), a 110 kV GIS switchyard and a cable mesh connection to the 110 kV Brestanica-Trbovlje OH transmission line. The plant is fully automated, man-free operated and remotely controlled from the Control Centre.

IBE has provided design-engineering services covering dam structure and all structures in the storage reservoir, which, together with the dam structure, provide water damming and enable waterpower exploitation. Protecting structures directly connected to the water body and protecting the environment and structures by the water line, including flood protection measures, river banks and railway lines protection with other water management and landscape arrangement issues, were designed by the Company as well.

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