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400/110 kV Krško substation



Size or capacity

400 kV level (together with the 400 kV NEK switchyard): double bus-bar system, one generator bay, a bus tie coupler, two HV line bays in the direction of Zagreb and one HV line bay in the direction of Maribor, a transformer bay and a bus grounding – measuring bay. Another four or five bays can be added to the switchyard. Power transformers: one unit 400/110 kV, 300 MVA. 110 kV level: double bus-bar system, one transformer bay, one bus tie coupler, a bus grounding – measuring bay and nine HV line bays. Another four HV line bays and one transformer bay can be added to the switchyard.

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Description of Facility and Services

The 400/110 kV Krško substation is one of the most important substations of the Slovenian electric power system. It has been constructed in order to increase NEK connection reliability with the Slovenian EPS and in order to provide higher reliability of increased electricity demand in the Dolenjska region.

The Krško substation is a specific type of substation since it represents a kind of extension of the 400 kV Krško switchyard and forms with it a functional unit. The substation covers a surface of over 3.5 ha, and together with the 400 kV Krško switchyard, it occupies something less than 6 ha. With its bus-bars reaching the length of 240 m and with its six 400 kV feeders being in operation at the moment, this joint facility represents the most extensive Slovenian 400 kV switchyard so far.

The switchyards of both voltage levels have been constructed in form of an air-insulated type of facility while the bus-bars and connections have been made of Al alloy pipes. The facility has been furnished of the most modern technology being available at the time of construction. The installed system of distributed control by numeric controllers, digital protective relays and optic inter-connection of control, protection and meter devices provide a high level of operation reliability and decrease the level of parasitic over-voltage elements in the secondary systems. During construction of the Krško substation the complete control system in the NEK part of the 400 kV switchyard has been refurbished.

IBE provided complete investment, design and technical documentation for the Krško substation. During NEK construction IBE elaborated also a detailed design for the 400 kV switchyard erection by NEK.

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