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Medvode HPP



Size or capacity

Nominal power output: 25 MW, installed capacity: 2 x 13.2 MW/ 2 x 13.5 MVA, installed discharge: 150 m3/s, gross head at installed discharge: 19.01 m, active storage capacity 1,330,000 m3, dam height: 30.0 m, mean annual energy production: 72 GWh

Investor / Client


Time period


Description of Facility and Services

Medvode HPP is a run-of-river hydro power plant located on the Sava River upstream from Ljubljana. It was originally constructed in the period from 1949 to 1953, when two turbine generator Units were put in operation. In its central part, the hydro power plant has two spillways while two powerhouses for two Units are located each on its own river bank. The generators are connected to a 6.3 kV switchyard, where transformation to the 110 kV switchyard is provided by two transformers.

During refurbishment of the plant complete electrical and mechanical equipment has been replaced with exception of gates and cranes which had already been refurbished, and generators which were replaced at a previous stage. Two new Kaplan turbines with greater discharge capacity and higher efficiency were installed. In addition, all mechanical and technological auxiliary systems, station service systems, 6.3 kV switchyard, generator excitation system, physical protection system, automation system on the sub-assembly level and on the level of the entire plant as well as remote control systems were replaced. In line with these works, basic civil reconstruction works as well as works relating to electrical installations which shall provide adequate lighting of the powerhouse, distribution of small power and overhaul switching system with the structure earthing and lightning protection were performed. By the power plant, at its first stage of refurbishment, a new 110/20 kV / 6 kV GIS type switchyard has been constructed (joint investment of Savske elektrarne and Elektro Gorenjska).

Complete design documentation for the Medvode HPP and the switchyard refurbishment was developed by IBE, Consulting Engineers. It encompassed Conceptual Design, Feasibility Study, Basic Design, Design For Obtaining Construction Permit including functional specifications, Tender Documents, Detailed Design, As-Built design as well as Operation and Maintenance instructions. Moreover, the Company cooperated in consulting engineering services rendered to the Investor during review and evaluation of bids as well as in the project management issues.

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