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Brestanica TPP, 2 x 114 MWel gas turbines



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Installed power of turbines: 2 x 114 MW

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Description of Facility and Services

The Brestanica TPP has been present in the valley running between the Sava River and Bohor for a period of good 60 years as an important and specific power plant. After discontinuation of the electric power generation in classical coal fired 2x12.5 MW units due to closing out of the nearby Senovo coal mine, it stepped on the way of combined cycle gas-steam production of electrical energy in the middle seventies of the last century. Three generating units with “once-through” La Mont steam boilers and 3x23 MW gas turbines were installed. The existing 2x12.5 MW steam turbines were included into the production cycle. The power plant was designed to use fuel in form of primary gasoline and light fuel oil, stored in tanks of 3x6,500 m3. Such production type, in the then period unique in Europe, has been introduced in order to meet the peak energy demand and primarily, to provide safe and reliable operation of the planned and in 1974 initiated construction of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. The Brestanica TPP production process can namely start without an external source of supply.

In order to meet the demand of the Slovenian electric power system as regards reliable reserve power used for quick interventions by the EPS overload and individual power plants outages, for the EPS collapse prevention or its re-establishment, and to meet the needs of the already mentioned Krško NPP, after a longer planning period, construction of new big gas units started in the nineties of the last century. After many alternatives examined during the design period, two 2x114 MW units were finally realized in the main power house using natural gas, light fuel oil or a mixture of both fuels. The new power generating facility started with its trial run in 2000. Beside the main power house all the required electrical systems with extension of the 110 kV switchyard, chemical water treatment plant to provide the required process water from the Brestanica stream with tank storage facilities, dry cooling towers and the overall system of natural gas and light fuel oil supply were constructed. In addition, the power plant was designed also for the option of later 60 MW steam turbine installation. Today, the Brestanica TPP features 291 MW of total power. With its gas turbine units it can provide full power of the Slovenian EPS in 15 minutes.

Already in the seventies, at the gas-steam power plant construction stage IBE cooperated in all steps of the PP design (In 1971, IBE published a brochure for the 85 MW gas-steam PP and examined the necessity of additional burners installation in a diploma thesis) and construction, including management of complete consulting engineering on the Investor’s side. A part of the then experts’ generation which started its professional course on this project has actively cooperated also in planning and design and even in contracting engineering of individual sets of newly installed 2x114 MW units. Under the stress of circumstances IBE namely worked on the side of the Client, i.e. Brestanica TPP as well as on the side of the Contractor, i.e. Alstom, who has taken over the Works upon the functional turn-key principle. Such combination proved to provide better conditions of design engineering and final solutions as it would have been the case if the Design Engineer had taken his role only on the Investor’s side.

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