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New factory Argeta BIH



Size or capacity

Total surface of the factory 28,000 m2, useful surface of structures 14,000 m2 (production plant 12,225 m2, energy plant 1,650 m2, porter’s lodge with a store 125 m2), yearly production 4,500 tons of pate (10 tons per day/shift).

Investor / Client


Time period


Description of Facility and Services

The new factory construction represents the biggest Slovenian and the second foreign investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. The IBE d.d. services encompassed elaboration of complete design and technical documentation. From the production aspect the heart of the factory lies in the production process of pate which complies with all demanding standards of the food processing industry, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, HALAL. In the central, the highest nave of the production plant a modern, a fully automated high-rack storage facility including dispatch and takeover halls has been constructed. Beside the storage, the production part of the facility terminates by a three-storey business administration building. Parallel to the production plant the energy plant providing the factory with the required power and process media has been built. By the factory supply systems design great stress has been laid upon efficiency, economy and reliability. Systems of waste heat and cool recovery have been implemented. In order to provide full operation reliability a system of combined steam boilers supply has been performed. Basic energy medium is natural gas while the light fuel oil supply system represents a back-up solution. The project started in July, 2005. In the same year, more exactly in November 2005, the Construction Permit was obtained, and in October 2006 the project was successfully accomplished by a technical examination after which the new pate factory started with trial operation.

IBE d.d., Hajdrihova ulica 4, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 1 4776 100

Certified ISO 9001 BY BUREAU VERITAS Certification

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